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What is WOW Factor Web Design?

The “Wow” factor in web design is so important, the first impression a visitor gets of your site (and your company) is within the first few seconds!

Just like meeting a person for the first time.

It’s human nature, we judge a person either consciously or sub consciously within the first three seconds!


Same is applicable with a company’s web presence.

“You only get one chance at a first impression!”


Something as simple as great images, minimalist focal points or some clever graphic techniques or creative contrasts can be enough to do the trick and leave a lasting, creative and clever impression on your audience.

You don’t need to be Picasso or have a fortune 500 company’s budget to create captivating design that pops with web design“Wow” factor!


SERVEONLY.COM - WOW factor web design



Many people believe a good website is simply just a site that looks good.

That’s true, but only to a certain degree.

A website is like the building of a house, planning, preparation and structure needs to be in place, followed by certain stages, there include;

  1. First you need a good solid foundation (the website platform and framework)
  2. Secondly you need a great design that’s eye catching, creative and captivating
  3. Then you need a solid site structure consisting of great content and information, graphics and internal linking.
  4. You also need to plan the sites functions, for example placing orders online, purchasing products, making bookings or appointments.


After theses fundamentals are planned and prepared, you need to integrate a stage to help with promotion of your products, services and engage with your audience.

That stage is the almighty power of a blog!

A blog can be one of the most beneficial assets to a business, as detailed in Building A Blog For Business.


Web Design Prior Planning and Preparation, Prevents Piss, Poor Performance!

After the main aspects of the sites development are in place, looking ahead and preparing for the marketing of the site should be the next consideration and planned at the start of the development.

One of the most valuable assets to ANY business is their mailing list!

Yawn, yawn…. Email marketing so what! (Some might say.)

Remember, nothing compares to having traffic on tap!

That’s exactly what a company’s mailing list provides – if organically grown and earned that is!

Buying subscribers or adding email addresses from public places has no value, don’t get sucked into this trap!

I will cover building a billion dollar mailing list in another article soon, for now I just want to touch on the importance of having a mailing list function in place and set up.


The Seduction Of Social Media!

The next future thinking, marketing aspect that must be considered is social networks.

Which social networks are most used by the audience you want to target?

Be cautious not to overkill on the social media aspect, as remember the key to success on social media is consistency.

Spreading yourself too thin will be as useful and not having any set up in the first place!


Social Media


The visual impact of a website plays a big part in it’s success or failure.

Alongside a website being visually appealing it also needs to function well, be easy to navigate and also contain interesting, well written and very well formatted content detailing the types of products and services you provide.

While all that may sound like something you would expect, many times businesses don’t even consider the additional points a website requires in order to succeed competitively in the search results or be user friendly.

When deciding to develop a website this should be viewed as your businesses shop front.

Choosing a web design company that’s knowledgeable in both design, development and proficient in internet marketing of your site, will ensure that vital considerations are in place early on in the design stage.


1. Logo and Company Branding

I’ve made this the first point for good reason. It’s where you need to start – first!

As you’ve guessed the branding of a company is one of the most important things a company can consider.

The branding of a company is a big first impression counter, hitting your audience, target market and customers sometimes even before your website. If there’s been little effort in creating a professional and polished “brand” for your company, what does that tell your customers about your products and services?

A professional and polished brand doesn’t have to be a million dollar escapade, simple, clean and eye catching is usually the best way to go with branding and logos.


2. Internal Linking

Internal linking is as much of a priority as creating content for your site.

As important as it is, it can also be both a simple and complicated process. Starting any web development with a clear plan and structure before the site is built helps immensely.

Internal linking is the process of linking one web page to another web page, internally, within the same site. The source and target domain are the same.

The purpose of internal linking is both valuable to the user and the search engines.


Main benefits of internal linking

  1. Strengthens website navigation
  2. Helps pass link juice through your site to deeper pages, defining the hierarchy of the website
  3. Strengthens SEO, ranking power and the overall user experience of a website, happy traffic = returning traffic!
  4. Stronger, more powerful link profile

Internal Linking - SEO Services


To implement an internal linking strategy, first and foremost you need content and internal pages to host that content. Lots of content, means lots of internal linking opportunities!

You can’t internally link a website that consists of thin content and very few pages.


Content is the cornerstone to a successful digital marketing and SEO campaign.


The reason for the value in internal linking is each page is individually indexed and ranked by the search engines. Being aware not all your visitors will land on your homepage, with each page being indexed a visitor could land on any one of your sites pages.

When a visitor lands on a page of your site, you don’t want them stuck trying to navigate through the main menu bar stumbling around posts and content trying to find further or related information to what they have just read.


The aim of internal linking is to drive traffic (visitors) through the site to a pre-determined path of strategic conversion.


3. Website Page Layout

Page layout is another fundamental that should be decided upon at the design stage, with content in mind and the overall site structure.

It’s a fact, page layout serves not only aesthetic requirements but also serves essential practical purposes in user experience.

Page layout is an interesting subject as back in 2012, Google released and algorithm targeting websites that “stuffed” massive amounts of content above the website fold.

The fold of a website refers to the amount of content that’s shown without having to scroll down the screen. Many businesses saw this as the most important part of their site and would “stuff” priority content above the fold. Leading to nothing but websites jammed full of ads and spammy content, all stuffed at the top of the page.

2012 was defiantly the SEO shake up year for many businesses, some clients are still stuck in that recalling the easy rankings and unable to accept the landscape of SEO has changed dramatically with so many of these “black hat” techniques totally phased out.

Regardless of design or internal linking, page layout needs to be strategically thought out for both the user experience and also search engine compliance. The layout of each and every page of a website should be a top priority, early in the web design stage.


Website Design

 4. Content Formatting

Content, content, content!

A bone of contention for some, a source of motivation and pride for others.

Whichever way you feel about content, without it your website and web presence is not going to attract the attentions of the bots or spiders, never mind receive any visitors!

However you go about creating content or having it created for you, a website needs to showcase its content, captivate the reader to stay on your site.

The formatting of content is another simple but powerful way to add the “Wow” factor and strengthen a professional, polished look and feel of your site.

There’s nothing worse than finding a great website and being drawn into the offerings and presentation on the home page to move to the next page and find long, un-formatted blocks of text, with no emphasis, feeling or enthusiasm.

Snap it up!

  • Keep paragraphs to scan-able blocks consisting of a few sentences.
  • Use quotations, italics, underline text and bolden words or points to add emphasis and definition
  • Use headings H1, H2, H3
  • Use parts of sentences as anchor text for external and internal links,
  • Break up your content with eye catching, snappy graphics, draw your reader back in!

I see so many sites loaded with killer content, after reading a sentence or two your mind is board.

It’s an effort to keep reading, regardless of the quality, the valuable information is impossible to retain as it’s just so monotonous!




5. Eye catching graphics

Images and graphics are a huge part of all marketing, sales and what we buy and engage in.

Its not surprising the rise of social media networks such as Instagram, Flikr, Pinterst & Facebook have rocketed over recent years.

After all we live in a digital era with 2.5 billion camera phones in use! Users are on the move and mobile equipped to snap up anything and everything, instantly share online in a tap or click!

There’s an old saying,

 A picture paints a thousand words

Some of the great benefits of graphics and images that pop with the “Wow” factor include;

  1. Great images aesthetically support and compliments the design of a web site
  2. Visually interpreted far quicker than text
  3. Add depth and context to content on the page
  4. Showcase and display products and services visually
  5. Images can help educate by detailing processes or showing examples
  6. Help keep the visitor engaged and interested in the web sites pages and content

Images and graphics by no means replace the value of content, the correct use of images throughout a website or blog post have the power to communicate instantly with the user, as the brain instantly interprets image content far quicker than text content.


Final Thoughts on The Top 5 Website Tips!

Whether your in the initial stages of developing a website or already have a website in place, these top five simple tips will help your website along the way to search engine success and returning visitors!


Lizzie Thomson
Creating, developing and imagining is the place I love the most! Great websites take more than just great design. A great website, deserves great digital marketing! Web Design and Internet Marketing both parallels that drive the addiction I have for the fascinating world of the web! Digitally crafting concepts into completion and making websites be the best they can be in both performance and design, is my daily drive and commitment!


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