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You have rankings, but not any real business from your website….

You’re not receiving the results you imagined – even though you have an SEO plan. Yet still the website you invested in and the ongoing SEO package is not quite delivering on results.

So what’s the problem?

You have rankings, you have a website, yet still don’t seem to be gaining the conversions you’d expect considering a website redesignwith the rankings you have. You’ve spoken to your SEO team, you appear to be ranking for keywords your target market are searching, so what are you going to do about it?

After much pondering you’re offered a website redesign,

You contemplate this, check out your competitors and begin to think…

Yes, a website redesign is the answer – out with the old and in with the new!

Before we go any further,

There’s both risks and rewards to a website redesign project.

One major factor that needs to be emphasized is business website redesigns only work when they are meticulously planned, managed and most of all data driven!

So many small and large businesses have embarked on a website redesign for higher conversion rates to be left in the midst of a lower preforming site with less traffic and even less conversions! I’ve seen businesses go down this road and spend more money, time and resources and have ended up with a lesser quality site that hasn’t improved conversions at all!

Pretty shitty deal right?

Yet the web design company that provides the SEO and the marketing services was so sure this would cure the conversion issue.

So why hasn’t it?

There’s a few reasons for this,

Mainly, the site has had a drastic “new look” and complete redesign all at once that’s most likely not even been thought out or data driven.

Small Business Website Redesign Risks

The main risk with dramatic website redesigns is once you’ve implemented a full redesign of a website, there is there no way of knowing what’s made the site better or worse.

I don’t advocate full website redesigns – straight off the back anyway.

Yes, we do provide website redesign services and have embarked on a few of these of these projects.

However once it’s done, it’s done!

Out with the old and in with the new is sometimes not the best solution, not all at once anyway!

What we do advocate is data driven actions, that maybe incremental change supported by A/B testing, landing pages, content and layout changes or SEO and digital marketing re-evaluation.

There are times when the analysis and the current state of the site maybe outdated, unresponsive, overloaded and not at all user friendly or functioning well.

With a website in this state and requiring more costs and time for improvements than would be required to completely redesign the site, then yes we would suggest redesign – providing the analysis and evaluation supports the decision.

By no means should a full website redesign be offered flippantly. Assess website risk

Make sure you get data and analysis that supports the reasons this would be advantageous and also clear actions and design decisions that support why and how the new redesign would improve things.

Just because a web design company boasts top spots within the search engines, doesn’t mean they are the best in their field.

Getting back to the decision of in with the new and out with the old,

Perhaps in the grand scheme of things you do need a website redesign,

I can’t stress this enough – get drafts and manage the process! Do not just take the fact the web design company can deliver what they “say” will improve things.

Time over we see companies been left in black holes with template based websites that to be honest, yes are new but not all unique or even customized never mind tailored to the data driven needs of conversion optimisation.

Anyway, that’s a topic for another time.

Even large companies have made drastic redesign decisions that’s caused carnage on their conversions.

Look at Marks and Spencer for instance,

They chose a full redesign of their website, which shockingly spanned out over 2 years! By the time the thing was live, it was out of date! The costs were enormous totaling over £150m!

The point is,

Their sales drastically dropped by 8.1% in the first quarter after launching the new website!

Make sure you have the facts that support a complete redevelopment and design of your website as you could be embarking on a one step forward, two steps back – expensive mission impossible!


Website Redesign Rewards For Small Businesses

The whole point of business website is to increase business, right?Website Change

If your website clearly isn’t preforming then let’s face it, you might be trying to market a dead dog.

There is no point having a website if it just takes up web space, achieving little else.

Before you make this decision you must ask yourself these questions;

  1. Is your website functional – does it work?

  3. Is your site overloaded with functions that perhaps are killing its funk?

  5. What’s the speed of your site like – within a 3 second load time?

  7. Is your website easy to navigate?

  9. Can you navigate through your site without having to use the main menu bar?

  11. Is your site responsive?

  13. Does your landing pages convert traffic into contact and customers?

  15. Does your site match your company goals and reflect your brand?

  17. How does your site read? Is it loaded with industry based terminology, poor information or thin on content?

  19. Do you have call to action areas?

  21. Does your site accommodate products and services you sell and the do the things you’d like it to do?

  23. Is your website flexible enough for change?

If you can honestly answer the above questions, and there’s not a lot of room for flexibility, no longer does the site reflect your businesses products or services and the site is out of date and littered with functional issues.

There’s no doubt, redesigning your website in-line with your company goals, target market and incorporating future thinking flexibility into the design – would be advantageous.


Website Optimisation Over Website Redesign?

There are alternatives to rolling out and spending up on a full website redesign. That’s permitting your current website reflects your business, has flexibility for change and is functional and responsive.

Truth be told, no business is ever 100% satisfied or happy with their website.

This could be down to the design, conversions or functionality issues.

That said, even with issues and satisfaction being less than great with the overall performance of your site. Drastic, timely and costly website redesign may not be the cause or the solution.

There are many other tactical and strategic alternatives to improving a websites conversion rate.

  • Create a better design and layout changes within your Choices and Web Design Questionssite
  • De-clutter your website and side bars of junk and space taking rubbish
  • Review your sites speed, scripts, plugins, extensions and function – clean this up, get shot of what you don’t need and serves no purpose
  • Better SEO and digital marketing
  • More in-depth and expanded keyword research
  • Implementing landing pages on subdomains that promote your services and products
  • Review and replace your sites content with targeted more specific keyword written content
  • Build a business blog for your audience, be a voice of authority ask yourself what it is your customers want, need and desire – write content for your audience, give them a reason to regularly visit your site
  • Improve your site structure and internal linking
  • Implement clear, results driven call to actions
  • Start A/B Split testing on your site
  • Use better evaluation and analytics – use custom dashboards not just the Google Analytic default

There’s a lot of benefits to a website redesign, don’t get me wrong – there are many cases where this is the right solution to the right problem.

However, that’s the thing,

Identifying the right solution to the right problem.

Not all conversion rate issues require the cure of a complete website redesign.

More often than not, this can be the wrong solution to the wrong problem.


Final Thoughts

A very wise friend once told me, a website is a journey – not a destination.

The website of a business is often the first impression potential customers get of your company. Needless to say the website must and needs to reflect your brand, what you do and have the ability to showcase your products and services.

If your website is not preforming, then don’t just jump to the conclusion that a drastic website redesign is the solution. More often than not, it isn’t. Nor is the design of the site the main or actual problem.

There are cases and situations when the site does require a full redesign from the ground up, but this should be taken with care and caution.

All in all, it’s safe to say make sure you have reviewed or gain a professional review of your websites performance and conversions before embarking on a costly, timely and risky website redesign.

If you’re in a position of uncertainty and confusion at your websites conversions, get in touch with ServeOnly for a FREE website review and professional analysis.



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