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Why Cheap Website Design is Costly Carnage!

I’m looking for a “cheap website”.

I’m sure we are not the only website design company that continually get these enquires!

If only I had a pound for every time I heard this!

I’ve got past the feeling of being insulted, as to be honest its ignorance not arrogance that’s at the root of this perception.

So many businesses either established online or start-ups looking to take their first steps begin with the hunt for a “cheap website”. The results might fare well aesthetically on some levels in the eyes of the business owner, but in reality stand little to chance of any success within competitive markets or indeed the search engines.


Why Cheap Websites are Very Expensive!

The most important part of any website is integrating future planning of the websites visibility – in the design.

By designing a website with search engine visibility at the forefront of all design decisions a website stands on solid foundations that not only provide a user friendly experience but also allow for essential SEO and digital marketing of site to be effective and beneficial.

With so many businesses on the mission of a cheap website, no consideration (at that time) is given to the online presence, future marketing of the site or the sites overall search engine success. What happens when the time comes – the next thing on the agenda of so many small businesses is…SEO!

Often how it goes is a little like this;

“I must, I must have some of that Google dust!”

(The above analogy is how I train myself to see things that irritate and agitate me, a cartoon coping strategy!)

The attitude of many businesses is however, exactly like that.

The point being,

Many businesses have absolutely no online business model whatsoever, looking at their competitors ranking highly within the search engine, boiling with envy at how and why are their competitors at the top of Google and they are not?

Scratching their head and pondering over search listings late at night they decide – they too must have some of that SEO!

That is, indeed the next step they take.

Seeking SEO services to rank that cheap website and rival their competitors. Deep down they perhaps know their site is half the site of their rivals, but become blinded by backlinks and taking pole positions on Google.

Often what turns out to be the case is these businesses will search for “SEO Services Glasgow” for example. Contact a few of the company’s local to their area and be soon be aware their cheap website is actually very expensive!

More often than not what is usually the case is the “cheap website” the company so solemnly was seeking is exactly that!

For any SEO or digital marketing to be possible, never mind beneficial the website needs re-developed, re-designed and re-built. Essentially completely closed to any and all types of SEO or online marketing efforts.

Cheap Website


You Get What You Pay For

This is so, so true when it comes to anything on the web.

What the company has been given is exactly what they asked for.

Yet, the company that was driven to get a “cheap website” is now angry at the “cheap website designer”…

It’s what you asked for!

This is what brings me to my conclusion when companies ask for a cheap website, it’s a case of complete ignorance – not arrogance.

They really don’t know what they are asking for! As tongue in cheek as that sounds – it’s the truth.

Yes they have a website, well if you really want to call it that anyway.

What they should have asked for was locked pages showing images and text.

Theoretically that’s what many businesses have.

It can’t grow, be updated with ease, have vital on page SEO aspects conducted and as far and marketing goes, well you can put lipstick on a pig till the sun goes down, but it’s still a pig!

So why bother, it’s not as if it’s going to attract customers or even shadow your competitors, never mind rival them!

If regular website maintenance, updates and SEO can’t be conducted and the sites structure, architecture and signals are nowhere near search engine friendly, all you have is a very expensive “cheap website”.

Why Cheap Websites are Expensive


Foundations, Flexibility and Quality

There’s much more to web design than just design.

The processes involved and design decisions made do not just begin and end with the aesthetical appearance of a site.

Starting or rather looking to start a web development, considerations needs to be given to the visibility of the site. Regardless of how awesome the aesthetical design may appear, it stands for jack shit if the site is set in stone, has no flexibility and ultimately of low quality.

Websites need to be designed with two main goals in mind;


  • User Experience
  • Search Engine Compliance and Visibility



By combining design and development with these two vital goals a website not only has the chance to retain visitors and be host to customers that convert into sales, but also stands the chance of search engine success, with professional SEO and digital marketing being both effective and beneficial.


Final Thoughts

With all that said it’s safe to say there’s no such thing as a “cheap website”.

Not when you consider the “cheap website” essentially being graveyard material that requires re-built from the ground up. With a future focused strategy for any SEO or online marketing to even be possible.

So many businesses see web design and SEO as complete separates, ordering one then a few months later looking for search engine success and ordering the other. In terms of industries web design and SEO most certainly are separates. In terms of a websites overall chances of success – web design and SEO are very much parallels that can and should work in harmony with each other.

That “cheap website” is all of a sudden not so cheap.

Be careful what you wish for…. You just might get it!

If your looking for professional website design that provides premium user experience and equipped for search engine success, take a look at our business website re-design services or get in touch – projects@serveonly.com



Lizzie Thomson
Creating, developing and imagining is the place I love the most! Great websites take more than just great design. A great website, deserves great digital marketing! Web Design and Internet Marketing both parallels that drive the addiction I have for the fascinating world of the web! Digitally crafting concepts into completion and making websites be the best they can be in both performance and design, is my daily drive and commitment!

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