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When it comes to search rankings, being in the race is irrelevant, being in the right race is what matters!

Despite the world of SEO being ruled by ever-evolving Google algorithms there’s still one consistency. (Believe it or not!)

Keyword research!

Keyword research remains the starting block and cornerstone to a successful website and subsequent SEO and internet marketing plan.

A successful SEO plan is only as good as the keyword research that’s preceded it, and the success of the keyword research is only as good as the website and content it’s incorporated into.

So why do you conduct keyword research and how?


The Value of Website Content

Most folks know the power and necessity of having your brand online and an internet presence.

The value of being shown in the search results for what your target market are searching, goes without saying.

So how do you get your site to show in the search results – for what your potential customers and customers are searching?

When we use Google or any other search engines searching for products, services and solutions,

We enter a few words related to what we’re looking for and instantly we’re presented with a list of results related to those “search terms”( Keywords).

In order to show up in the search results for various keywords, a websites content needs to be targeted and optimized for those keywords.

Hence the value in a websites content.

The content of a website is to provide information to your customers and the search engines. Search engines need information to understand what the site is about and trying to rank for.

Makes sense right?

Without correct and concise keyword research optimized into a websites content and the page structure, search engines being able to understand what your site is about and trying to rank for is dame near impossible!

The result when keyword research and targeted, informative content is not created for a website?

The website is left in the obis of sites online that don’t even make the top 100 results, only found by entering your company name alongside any products or services you offer – if your lucky.

Search engines and search engine bots can only crawl and act on the information available.


The Importance of Keyword Research and Getting It Right!

Play this scenario out,

You have a website, you have your website content and all on page factors complete. All of which have been done from the keyword research you or your marketing team have completed.

The start of your SEO and internet marketing campaign begins,

As the weeks go on, content is regularly created, posted, marketed, pages targeted, back links built and social media marketing to name just a few processes that begin to kick into action.

Over the next few months you begin to see rankings and traffic increase.

You ponder why your site is receiving traffic, yet no sales and no enquiries?

How can that be?

Has all this been a huge waste of time and money you ask…?

After all, you are ranking and you have traffic, so whats the problem…?

Keyword Research Confusion


The problem more often than not is your site is targeting the wrong keywords and attracting the wrong type of traffic – traffic.

Traffic that’s not interested in anything you have to offer, so they leave.

So how do you conduct correct keyword research?

You can invest in paid tools or you could use your initiative and take advantage of the FREE digital dynamite available right at your fingertips when ever needed!

Read on to find out exactly what these two cost-free digital dynamite tools are, and how to use them effectively and concisely to produce ultimate keyword research results!


The Right Idea… 

Everything starts with an idea, the idea then grows into a concept and the concept then developed into aKeyword Research Ideas creation.

Same is applicable with SEO and internet marketing.

Many small businesses are quite unaware of the extent of planning, preparation and completion required for a successful website. Most just want an online presence and fail to see the website is just the foundation.

The basis of any successful website is the content and keyword research that’s went into it.

Dont get me wrong, I’m not saying a website is worthless and has no value unless it has keyword content.

Of course a website is valuable,

Just like the foundations and framework of a house. As they stand they’re valuable, but not half as valuable as they would be when the house is complete with attractive and alluring decor, design, furnishings and utilities.

Same goes for a website, the website itself is just the beginning,

For a website to succeed and compete, a website needs the right content in order to compete in the right race!


Finding Keyword Idea’s

Keyword research start’s with ideas, read on to find out how to gather those idea’s…

UbberSuggest Keyword Tool is free, fast and easy to use.

UbberSuggest doesn’t just throw up random results that make no sense, results are taken direct from Google Suggest, providing results of what real Google users actually search for.

This keyword suggestion tool on steroids is the most beginner friendly, uncomplicated tool available!

Looking to streamline your keyword suggestion, UbberSuggest provides the solution!

Keyword Research


Another convenient feature is you’re not bogged down by annoying Captcha’s every time you search. You only have to complete the Captcha once – then you free to search until your heart’s content!

This keyword tool on steroids doesn’t stop there, results are neatly grouped in alphabetical order, with an easy and convenient option to expand your results for keywords you find most relevant.


Lists You Can Leverage!

Apart from the tonne of organised results you’ve gained in ultra-fast time within a couple of clicks.

There’s also a neat little feature that lets you store up the keyword suggestions you find most relevant.

By simply clicking on “select all” the results are shown in the right hand sidebar, in an editable list letting you remove keywords that are not so relevant.

This is great for when you want to save your results for later.

You also have an option to download as a .txt file by selecting the “get” function.


Suggestions Are Not Results…

Pay attention to the name, UbberSuggest is a “suggestion” tool and a great idea starter to take your findings to the next level.

The simplistic, uncomplicated interface is a easy to use, but the lack of data is somewhat a drawback in terms of analyzing the viability of your ideas.

There’s a few factors you need to be look at before knowing if a keyword (Search term) is worth targeting.


Taking The Idea’s To The Next Level…

So now we have a good group of keyword suggestions graciously given to us by UbberSuggest.

The next step is identifying which keywords are of value and worth targeting.

To understand what keywords to target and what keywords to avoid we need a some answers!

  1. Whats the keyword competition, how competitive is that search term?
  2. Whats the average monthly searches for those keyword, are they worthwhile?
  3. How viable and likely is it you can rank for those keywords?

How and where do we get these answers?

The god that is Google!

Right at your fingertips there’s yet another fantastic free tool given to us by Google.

The Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

By simply entering your keyword, selecting to run keyword data from Google or Google and search partners.

Within seconds you’re presented with the data you need to understand which keywords are of value and realistically achievable, and which keywords are not worth targeting.


Google Adwords Keyword Planner


Note: Keywords which are highly competitive will take a lot of time and effort to gain rankings for, especially for a new website.

Targeting low to medium competition keywords should be the focus of organic SEO, with the highly competitive keywords used for PPC (Pay Per Click Campaigns).

You’ll gain far better results this way, as oppose to spreading yourself too thin with trying to take on Goliath, missing out on achievable keywords, exposure, traffic and conversions!


Final Thoughts

UbberSuggest is one of the most uncomplicated, user friendly tools available providing an instant list of keyword suggestions, from real Google users which can be taken to the next level.

When UbberSuggest and the Google Adwords Keyword Planner are used together, they become the ultimate digital dynamite in keyword research tools.

Providing an extensive selection of keywords, targeting the right audience – set to compete in the right race!

If your left more confused than enthused when it comes to your websites conversions, get in touch with ServeOnly, Glasgow’s internet marketing and SEO specialists.



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