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Should My Company Website Have a Business Blog?

Most businesses nowadays have a website, whether that be a simple brochure site consisting of only a few pages, or a fully-fledged e commerce store. Generally businesses have some sort of online presence, even if that’s just through social media.

What most small businesses don’t have, is a business blog.

Or if they do, it’s usually dormant!

It’s a fact, very few small businesses harness the power of a blog for business. With approximately only 60% of businesses utilizing a business blog to their benefit!

Blogging for your business or investing in an SEO and digital marketing plan that incorporates writing and managing your blog, is one of the most beneficial and powerful tools a business can use to increase sales, build a website rankings, authority and traffic.

One of the other huge benefits to blogging for your business is websites that are regularly updated, rank far higher and have a much better chance of ranking competitively.

In short, here’s how it works;

It would be impossible to keep all your websites pages updated with fresh content – all the time.

By blogging regularly, you nail more than a few top points and eliminate this problem!

1. You widen your sites ability to rank for search terms, by being able to target additional and specific search terms through the content in each blog post

2. Each time you post on your blog, that adds an additional page to your site that has ranking power!

3. Every time you publish a new blog post on a new page, you send a signal to the search engines your site has another page than can be indexed

4. The more you blog, the more you send signals to the search engines to basically, come on and see! The more you blog the more your site is crawled

5. Blogging not only builds rank and traffic to your website, blogging also helps build social media presence, providing you integrate social media sharing whenever you blog!

There’s no business I know that doesn’t want more traffic, more sales and higher rankings! If you want to boost your business in more ways than one, then business blogging is your biggest asset!


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You’re the Expert, Let Them Know!

You have a great business, you’re devoted to the products and services you offer and even when you’re not working, you’re working!

It’s fair to say you know your stuff and are passionate about your business and customers.Business Blogging for Small Businesses

So show it!

You know yourself when you need a solution, in a lot of cases we generally look online first, especially if we have a query or looking for an answer. It’s a fact, the most successful websites are driven by great content and a great blog.

When you create captivating and educational content that relates to exactly what your customers want, need and desire you stand much more chance of that visitor becoming a customer.

More Traffic, More Customers = More Conversions

It’s simple,

More traffic = more potential customers!

As mentioned briefly above, when publishing new content and a new page of your site is created you send a signal to the search engine bots that the site has new content – on a new page that’s ready to be included in the search results.

I’m not saying your blog post is going to magically pop up in the search results overnight, it won’t.

What will happen is, the search engine bots are drawn to crawl the new page (Like a magnet in a sense, because you created that magnet with the new page and new content) and return the information back to the search engine. Eventually, your page becomes indexed in the search results.

Google will assign the new page (posts) URL a place within the index, depending on how well the article is written, keyword targeted and optimized (Among other things) will depend on how high it ranks.


Traffic is driven by rank, but is rank driven by traffic..?

This was a thought that crossed my mind recently,

(Feel free to add your opinions and comments below, there’re more than welcome!)

My opinion is yes, rank is “assisted” by traffic.

Bearing in mind, Google takes into consideration over 200 ranking factors when allocating a website and its pages rankings within the search results.

So that being the case then, and also domain popularity, social signals and traffic all contributing to a websites rank,

I conclude;

Traffic is driven by rank as well as rank being “assisted” by traffic.

I do think, the more powerful denominator in this equation is traffic being driven by rank, as oppose to rank being driven by traffic being more powerful. (In my opinion)

Without a site ranking for search terms and showing in the search results, chances of finding the site without the company name, would be minimal. Meaning – if a website had no rankings, no viability in the search results, that would equal = no traffic (or not a lot of search engine traffic anyway!)

Whichever way you look at it, attracting the search engine bots to crawl your site and index new pages and widening your scope. As well as strengthening rankings for search terms your audience and customers are searching – is a benefit in terms of increased traffic, rankings and conversions!


Benefits of a Business Blog – Fact!

Here’s some facts and did you know? I bet you didn’t know!

  • Businesses that blog regularly and by that I mean at least 15 times a month receive 5 times more traffic (Visitors) a month than companies that don’t! Check out this free benchmarks report, makes very interesting reading! Maybe blogging 15 times a month is a bit too much to ask when your trying to run your business as well. If you don’t have a marketing team or SEO company that can manage your blog for you, all is not lost!
  • Blogging 16 -20 times a month that’s approx. 5 posts a week, generates twice as much traffic as that businesses that blogged 4 times a month or less!

Sticking with the 16 – 20 ratio,

Are you keen to generate more leads and traffic – NOW? Blogging for Small Businesses

Here’s a schedule that rewards like a rainbow!

  • Businesses that blogged between 16 – 20 times over a 30 day period where rewarded with 3 times as many leads compared to businesses that didn’t!

That’s some reward when you equate that into potential sales and customers – in a VERY short space of time!

  • Another amazement in the business blogosphere is B2B companies that blog regularly and consistently generate 67% more leads than businesses that don’t blog.


Here’s another that relates to indexed and crawled pages;

  • Businesses that blog regularly as part of their marketing strategy have 434% more indexed pages than businesses that don’t!

Wishing your websites was seen by more than you and your company?

Well, get this!


Final Business Blogging Thoughts…

A fresh website that’s alive, living and breathing – so to speak!

Not only does fares well within the search engines among other things mentioned. But also shows your customers, potential customers and audience your company is alive, you’re alive and your products and services are fresh.

Even if your products and services are quite static and don’t really change much. By using a blog for business your showing your finger is still on the pulse – as is your business!

Blogging for business achieves so much in terms of sending signals to the search engines and showing your business as a knowledgable expert within your field.

Blogging also drives targeted traffic to your site and broadens your ranking scope. These are just a name just a few of the benefits a business blog brings – when used regularly and consistently!

Blogging for your business achieves all these things – and more!

You don’t even need a budget – any business can blog!

There’s nobody knows better about your business than you. However, we know that can perhaps be a romantic idea, considering how demanding running a business can be!

If you’re wanting to increase you online presence and broaden your ranking horizons, contact ServeOnly for a chat on business blog management.


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