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You see the search engine success of your competitors, yet your site is nowhere near…

You provide a better service, better products and better customer care!

Yet their gaining customers that convert leaving you feeling your site is stuck!

Do you wish your website attracted customers that converted into sales and contact?

Are you looking for success within the search results alongside a professional, dominant online presence – putting your company in the exact places your customers are?

If you answered yes to those questions and feel more confused than collected when it comes to conversions or the lack thereof.

You need a targeted, tactical and strategic SEO and digital marketing plan provided by professionals, driven for results!

Is Your Website Lacking Search Success


Company and Website Goals

The first and most vital step to establishing a successful digital marketing and SEO strategy is establishing your company goals, understanding your target market and integrating both these factors with your website and business.

Once we have a clear prospective on exactly what your aims are and have established your current online presence. We develop a unique, targeted and results driven strategy to achieve those goals, increase your online presence and most of all drive traffic that converts into customers.

After all the bottom line is all that counts, within all our SEO and digital marketing strategies return on investment and increasing your revenue is at the forefront of each and every process and strategy we implement.

We provide you with a complete blueprint of exactly what we are going to do and how we will do it!

Giving you a step by step tactical and strategic plan detailing the stages and processes that will be conducted – in line with each and every goal of your website and online presence. Our SEO and digital marketing plans consist of many stages alongside creative and intuitive approaches.

Below is a detailed overview of the main techniques, methods and practices included in our complete SEO and digital marketing plans. It’s worth mentioning we tailor each digital marketing plan and SEO strategy to your website and industry. Below is an outline of the principles and practices we use to gain authoritative and dominant success and customers that convert!


Keyword Research

SEO and digital marketing strategies are only ever as good as the keyword research that went into them!

By analyzing and identifying keyword popularity, competition and search trends we can quantify search volume and the value of specific and desired keywords.

Identifying how your target market are searching for your products and services is a vital and imperative step to targeting the right search terms and attracting the type of traffic that is looking for products and services you provide.

We use a variety of analysis, comparison and identification techniques and tools to establish the most valuable and attainable keywords (Search terms) to target.


Competitor Analysis

Identifying your competitors is the first step in competitor analysis.

This could be websites that rank for what you would like to rank for, or brick and mortar competitors alongside online competitors.

Once a list of top competitors has been established, then it’s time to take a deeper look and understand how those competitors have gained top spots!

This is where the analysis comes into play!

Lets face it, they got there for a reason – their doing something right.

That maybe ultra-sonic and bullet proof keyword research supported by crafted content targeting their search terms, framed by intuitive, innovative and user friendly web design.

Another process that provides valuable insight is analysing competitor back links.

A websites backlink profile is one of the most important ranking factors there is. If a website has a spammy or un-natural backlink profile, this is sure to achieve nothing but a penalty.

However, a website that boasts high rankings, great content, design and structure. Dominating the search results for multiple keywords, their backlink profile is well worth taking note of!

Once competitor analysis and profiling is complete, areas where your competitors have excelled can be emulated through on page SEO, keyword targeted content, building a valuable back link strategy and improving your sites performance, function and overall user experience.

Improving a website performance in terms of site speed, function, structure and user experience is one of the most important aspects to any successful digital marketing plan and SEO strategy.

By meeting the needs of your potential visitors with a site that’s easy to navigate, quick in load time and crafted with content that captivates – gaining rankings that reward with customers that convert, over time becomes a natural reaction.


Competitor Analysis


On Page SEO

Like anything in life good foundations are the basis of great results!

On page SEO basically refers to practices and processes that’s conducted to send the right signals to the search engines and help them understand what each page and the overall website is about. There is no single process to on page SEO, just like there is no single process to an overall digital marketing plan.

On Page SEO consists of;

  • Keyword targeted crafted content that captivates and educates
  • Page titles and URL’s targeted to reflect keywords the website is trying to rank for
  • Site speed and load time optimization and improvements
  • Image optimization
  • Image titles and ALT tags
  • Meta data
  • Site structure
  • Internal linking
  • Call to action areas
  • Easy to find contact information
  • Robots .txt creation
  • XML site map creation
  • Tracking and analytics installation
  • Site design and layout review, analysis and competitor comparison
  • Mobile responsive works, where necessary
  • Blog installation and development
  • Social sharing, breadcrumbs and blog commenting options

The above processes outline necessary on page SEO tasks that’s required to meet search engine best practices as detailed in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

That said,

Each website is as unique as the business it represents

Therefore, each on page SEO strategy is also unique. Depending on the websites current state depends on the amount of on page work that needs to be conducted to make the site search engine friendly as well as user friendly.

Beginning any SEO and digital marketing plan with a solid basis of completed on page SEO, throughout each and every page of the website, stands the site in good stead for a powerful, high preforming, dominant web presence.

By overlooking on page SEO or not completing this stage fully and effectively – regardless of how much work and time is required. Future digital marketing efforts and SEO with not be half as effective, if at all.

Before any on page works commence you’re provided with a full website audit within your SEO and digital marketing plan, detailing what needs to be completed along with a realistic timeline.


Linking Strategy

A websites linking or backlink strategy (As it’s also know) coincides with the vital importance of on page SEO.

Even with the most proficient, detail intensive on page SEO works, if a website is littered with backlinks that hold no value, they’re not going to have much of a positive impact on the sites rankings.

Google sees a websites linking or back linking profile as essentially votes.

If a website has earned backlinks of a higher value, then those votes (backlinks) obviously hold more weight and value than backlinks (votes) that hold no value.

Building, developing and most of all earning backlinks is the only sustainable way to acquire an authoritative online web presence and fare well within the search results for keywords your site is targeting.

We devise and develop a valuable linking strategy unique to the goals of your site, audience and targeted search terms. Strategically incorporated into content marketing strategies and other digital marketing techniques to deliver authoritative backlinks that provide valuable, sustainable rankings.



Content Marketing

Content marketing is the backbone to earning links that’s hold high value and support high rankings. Content Marketing SEO

Nothing worth anything in life is easy

Same is applicable with link building, SEO and digital marketing plans.

Gone are the days when backlinks could be purchased and quantity ruled over quality!

Nowadays backlinks that hold any value have to be acquired and earned in a natural and manual way – that means by hand!

We do this by using various techniques including; targeted content marketing strategies, asset promotion through crafted content, interviews, features, FAQ’s, questions and answers, reviews and giveaways to name just a few content marketing strategies that build authoritative, powerful links that support a websites search engine success.

Content marketing is not just a strategy used to earn a sustainable linking profile.

Content marketing is a key factor in engaging with your target market by putting yourself in their shoes, asking what it is they are really looking for? and engaging with your potential customers on a level that isn’t loaded with a sales pitch about what you sell or the services your provide.

Content marketing is about losing that corporate sales pitch and providing a solution that answers what your potential customers want, need and desire.

By approaching content marketing in this manor, you not only engage with your customers on their level, but you also build your brand as an authoritative figure whilst also being able to build natural and organic backlinks through the quality of the content that’s been created for your customers.

The key to successful content marketing is;

Think customers first, search engines second!


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the dime that’s turned into a dollar, especially over recent years!

SEO and digital marketing are two essential aspects of a powerful, high preforming web presence. Without full completion of essential on page SEO, digital marketing efforts no matter how intuitive, unique or creative will largely be in vain – and vice versa.

Digital marketing has fast became the major focus of SEO and now very much one of the main drivers of a successful SEO and digital marketing plan.

Digital marketing is the online marketing of a website with the aim of attracting traffic, increasing conversions and the overall online presence and promotion of the website.

Gaining any sort of online presence or achieving any type of brand building objectives involves digital marketing in some way, shape or form. That may be video and media production, intuitive info-graphics, landing pages, micro sites, interactive games, quizzes or contests, social media marketing or forum marketing. To name just a few digital marketing channels we use to build a powerful, highly converting online presence. That amplifies, compliments and coincides with content marketing and link building strategies.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest yet one of the most powerful means of digital communication.

Nowadays with Email Marketing - Click Control Trafficso many mobile devices configured with email accounts the power of email marketing has never been as strong.

It’s a known fact, people check their email via mobile access 7 times a day more than those on a PC or laptop.

That said it stands to reason that email marketing is one of the most effective and powerful channels to reach your target audience, retain, maintain customer relation and of course build new ones. It’s important to have an opt-in form or newsletter sign up option installed on a website to begin growing one of the most valuable assets a business can have – traffic on tap!

Imagine having an offer, promotion or new product or service you want your customers to be aware of – now!

Email marketing provides a direct channel to your current customers and potential customers, giving you access to traffic and customers that convert right at your fingertips!

Email marketing is another traffic driving, revenue driven customer engaging process we preform within digital marketing plans tailored to your company, customers and designed to increase conversions.


Evaluation and Analytics

Even with the initiative, adaptive, revenue and conversion focused SEO and digital marketing plan, without website evaluation, analysis and tracking there’s no clear understanding of what’s working and Analytics and Evaluationwhat’s not!

Simply having the most profound blueprint set for search engine success is not enough, simply deriving a plan and running with it is nothing but a blind hit and hope approach.

To gain a full understanding of a websites performance and therefor the SEO and digital marketing in place – takes more than just click-through Google Analytics.

Don’t get me wrong Google Analytics is a great and powerful tool for providing insight, with the use of custom dashboard as oppose to the basic default dashboards many companies use.

That being said,

There’s much more information needed than just where your traffic has come from, what they clicked and how much time they spent on your site etc. The data provided in analytics is both valuable and important in providing actionable steps that can be taken to improve visitor experience and conversions.

Knowing and understanding any issues your customer face when trying to complete tasks on the website. Also understanding how satisfied your target market and customers are with your site and are your customers and potential customers. Not to forget are they able to complete tasks and processes for which they accessed your site for in the first place, such as purchasing or ordering?

We analyse and evaluate using analytics along with three main principles;

  • Behaviour
  • Experience and
  • Outcomes

Knowing and understanding how to evaluate a website is imperative to progression, despite the best function filled analytics tools available – there is simply no piece of software that exists for providing actionable improvements and suggestions. Someone, somewhere along the line is going to have to do some thinking!

To become a power player within your niche, your website needs to be preforming the tasks and serve the purpose it was designed to. Limiting insight to just click-through analytics blankets over massive amounts of insight and critical information.


The Complete SEO and Digital Marketing Plan

If you ask yourself the questions at the top of this article and find yourself more confused than collectedThe Complete Digital Marketing and SEO Plan

about your conversions – you need a strategic and tactical, results driven SEO and digital marketing plan!

We provide a fully comprehensive and complete service catering for the exact needs of your website, company, customers and conversions. We combine creative, intuitive and innovative thinking with expert knowledge and understanding. We have our fingers on the pulse 24/7 when it comes to SEO and digital marketing.

We’re a driven, highly focused agency of search experts and SEO web design professionals driven to not only meet but exceed expectations.


In Summary

There is simply no other SEO and digital marketing plan as complete and comprehensive available – that’s even close to what we provide.

Take control of your website and make your website work for you – and serve the purpose it was designed and intended to. Despite how many other SEO and digital marketing agencies you may have tried. What we say we do, what is set to be done is done and results are reflective of return on investment.

Get in touch with ServeOnly to begin gaining your competitive edge and turn your website into a conversion based game changer!

Making your websites goals a reality is our specialty!

Take a look at our results driven digital marketing and SEO plans, contact us to discuss your goals and online presence!


Lizzie Thomson
Creating, developing and imagining is the place I love the most! Great websites take more than just great design. A great website, deserves great digital marketing! Web Design and Internet Marketing both parallels that drive the addiction I have for the fascinating world of the web! Digitally crafting concepts into completion and making websites be the best they can be in both performance and design, is my daily drive and commitment!

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