The Googler’s Guide to Ultimate Search – 16 of the Coolest Google Tips and Tricks!

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Google needs no introduction, from every corner of the world and across every continent.

Everyone uses Google or is at least aware of what Google is and does.

When we have a question, query, need to find the best deal, product or service, where do we turn?


Google is the worlds most visited homepage, with over 3 billion, yes billion searches a day.

How Google became as powerful is a topic for another article. For now I want to share some really cool Google tips and tricks that will change the way you search – forever!
Google Tips

Find Free Stock Images

Looking for images but don’t know where to start?
You know you can’t copy images from another blog or website, right?

So what do you do?

You could sign up and register with paid image banks such as Shutterstock or Fotolio, you could also use free image banks like FreePhotoBank.


Both the above have a few drawbacks,

  1. Paid image banks are sometimes necessary for bloggers and developers, as far as the regular person goes, image banks can end up quite costly
  2. Free image banks are free, but like a lot of things that’s free, you don’t have much choice or flexibility

So how do you find free stock images for exactly what you need?

One way is to use a search string of Google Operators,
Enter the following string into Google and follow the steps below.

1. Copy and paste the below string into Google and click the image tab under the search bar

inurl:istock | inurl:shutterstock | inurl:bigstockphotos | inurl:jupiterimages | inurl:dreamstime | inurl:fotolia | inurl:canstockphoto | inurl:inmagine *keyword*

 Google Operators

2. Change the word *keyword* shown in asterisks to whatever type of image you’re looking for. You will then be presented with a list of image results related to the keyword you entered.
It’s worth mentioning not all images shown in the results are available for public use, some are from other peoples website’s – make sure you check before downloading.

Stick to large images from 600px and above, hovering over them image will show the dimensions at the bottom.

That’s it!

You got yourself a free and fast way to find stock images!

You’ll notice that most of the images are from the image banks.

Using Google operators is a really powerful way to search and find things the average Joe would be paying for!

Find Free Downloads – of ANYTHING

So you’re needing a file, video or piece of software and you’re not too keen on shelling out for it, so what do you do?

You search online for free this and free that, and soon find after trawling through a few websites that anything showing up as “free” comes with 100 pop-ups, sign ups and download adverts. Before long you’re deep within the internet in no-man’s land, wonder where the hell you are!

Yep, we’ve all been there!

I remember killing my twin brother’s machine way back when by doing exactly that!

Determined to get free music, I downloaded every virus and malware known to man. I was on a mission, I got my tunes, well most of them, along with 1,000 viruses and malware!

Within a few hours the whole computer was so bunged up with pop-ups and running slower than a week in the jail!

So is there a way you can download stuff for free, without the viruses and malware?

Yes, by using Google Operators!

Google is loaded with a tonne of hidden search tools, when used together can produce some pretty powerful results alongside a plethora of FREE downloads! Here’s what you do,

1 – Copy the following string into Google, replacing “enter what you want to download here” with what you want to download.

-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” enter what you want to download here

2- You’re then presented with a list of results, right click any of the results and open in a new tab. You might have to search through a couple of results but you’ll soon find what you’re looking for, fast and free!


Finding Free Music

Finding Downloads on Google
Then simply right click and open in a new tab any of the results to download what you need,
You will then be taken to a page like this;
Google Downloads

Click the version you want and download!


Finding Free Movies and TV Series



The below screen shot shows a list of downloads available for that particular TV series. Click and download!

Google Operator Downlaods

Find Funny and Creative Animated GIF’s

Animated GIF’s are a great way to bring your content alive or add a bit of humor to your next social media post. We’ll cover how to make animated GIF’s in another article, for now let’s look at how to find animated GIF’s.

1. Simply go to Google and enter the type of image you’re looking for.

Then select the images tab under the search bar to be presented with a list of image search results.

2. At the top of the image results under the search bar, click search tools and change the image type to “animated”

Animated GIF
You’ve now got yourself hilariously funny and creative animated GIF’s that’ll bring any web content, social media or blog post alive!
Ninja Animated GIF

Search For People in Google Images

Not a lot of every-day Googlers even know this! When trying to find someone or carry out due diligence perhaps, obviously social media is the first place most people turn to.

Google also has a powerful and fast way to find people, through Google images!

It’s so simple, Just enter the person’s name into Google and select the image tab under the search bar to display a list of image results of people with that same name.

To refine it a little you could add the person’s location or company if needed.

If the person’s name is the same as an object or place for instance,

For example – Jasmine or Rose

Simply enter or copy the below operator after the persons name –

Jasmine Johnstone &imgtype=face

This returns results with just people’s faces, rather than the object or place.

Google Patent Search

This is another unsung hero of Google and hidden treasure! Few people even know this database exists.

This is a great tool for architects, students, teachers, designers and anyone who needs to find information on any patents past and present!

Google have amazingly managed to fully index and cross reference over seven million patents worldwide both past and present, inclusive of similar patents, cross references and drawings.


Google-Patents  Google-Patents--PDF

To search within the Google patent database go to –


Real-Time Flight Information

Most people use Google to search for fight providers then go on from there to search within those websites for flight costs, times and duration.

There’s also another way to find information on flights by using Google…

Real-Time Flight Data

When looking for exact details of flights, for example you may have a friend or relative travelling.

Simply enter into Google the flight number and carrier and you’re presented with exact information on the flights progress and ETA.


Google Flight Data



Finding Flights

This is a really cool, fast and free way to find flights without having to trawl through broker sites. Simply enter into Google – Flights to New York (For example)


Google Flights


Google provides you with a Google flights list detailing departures times and dates, costs and carriers, an easier and faster than trawling through the flight carrier websites and comparing flights!

Google Currency

The currency converter Google provides is a quick and handy tool, bear in mind the exchange rates can change so the results given are only an approximate.

Simply search what you’re looking to be converted and hit enter!


Google Currency

Google Calculator

Another cool and very useful tool is the Google calculator.

This can be used for math and working out other handy stuff like how to split the cost of a meal between friends and the tip per person.

To access the Google calculator just enter into Google –

Google Calculator

You’re given a fully functional mathematical calculator free to use anytime you need!


The Google Tip Calculator

To access the very cool and convenient Google tip calculator you simply enter into Google “Tip Calculator”.

Just enter the percentage of whatever numeral value you need and hit enter!

“Tip Calculator”

Giving you a fast, free and accurate way to divide up and tip your meal bill!

Tip Calculator

Google Unit Conversion

Google provides yet another very handy tool to quickly work out unit conversions.

Just enter into Google the units you want to convert and instantly you’re provided with a fast, free and accurate unit converter.


Search Deep In Websites

There are times certain websites might lack in a search bar that works properly, or perhaps having some technical issue.

Whatever the reason, as frustrating as it is, there is another way you can search through a website without using their search bar, Here’s how!

Type into Google – site; and the URL (Web address) of the site you want to search and hit search.

You’re given a list of in-site results for that exact website, really handy for e-commerce sites and other large sites.



Search Websites

Send and Receive Faxes with Google Doc’s

This is another cool Google tool not a lot of people know about.

It’s not often people send faxes nowadays, however there are occasions we still need to send or receive a fax.

If you don’t have a fax machine or landline, you can’t send or receive a fax, right?

Wrong, Google has given us yet another clever function that allows faxes to be sent and received from within Google Docs!

There’s a few providers out there that offer convenient ways to use Google Docs to send and receive faxes.

The example below shows Hello Fax being used that comes with a free Google Chrome extension and 50 free faxes!

Google Fax Hello Fax

Simply install the free Google Chrome app, sign up to send and receive faxes without a fax machine!

Analyse The Night Sky

Simply enter into Google or click the link below –

Google Sky

You can now view the night sky, solar system, moon and stars of any location or co-ordinates!

Fed Up Of Flat Google…? Round It Up!

Perhaps not so useful, but it is very cool! Click on the link below to try out a spherical Google search home page!

 Google Sphere – Click Here! 

 Google Sphere

Space Out on Google!  

Here’s another cool and creative Google homepage experiment, emulating the gravity of the atmosphere!

Google Space – Click Here!

Google Space

The Google Playable and Record-able Guitar!

The Google Doodle playable and record-able guitar commemorates one of the worlds’s first electric guitarists and builder of one of the worlds first electric guitars, Les Paul.

This Google Doodle was so popular Google left it live for an extra day. Click the Google Doodle below to try it out for yourself!


Google Doodle - Les Paul



Flip Out Google!

Here’s another cool Google home page experiment, enter into Google or copy the below text;

Do A Barrel Roll

Bet you didn’t it was possible for Google to flip out!

In Summary

I’ve not around much this past week or so, not on my own site anyway!

I’ve been busy writing elsewhere and  getting new sites in development out of development!
We’ve got some really cool sites on the way!

Hope you find these 16 Google tips and tricks cool, creative and maybe even a little helpful!

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