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The Best of Google Doodle’s Now Expected and Anticipated by Millions!

Visually interpreted content has became hugely popular within the trends of online marketing and SEO.

Throughout 2014 we’ve seen the popularity for Info-graphics and other visual types of media take center stage throughout social media, bookmarking sites, blogs and websites.

It’s a fact, visual content is absorbed far quicker than text.

Personally, I love visual content, in whatever form or for whatever goal that may be.

There’s one type of visual content we’ve all become a custom to seeing, that is – Google Doodle’s!

Google began their Google doodles back in 1998, by adding a stick man behind the letter “o”.


The First EVER Google Doodle in 1998!


Whats evolved from the stick figure drawing added to simply show the Google team where “out of the office” has been numerous “doodles” designed to represent significant dates, legendary and historical people, anniversaries and special occasions.


The most viewed designs – online! 

Take for instance the inventor of the zip, Gideon Sundback.

Personally, I had no idea who invented the zip, but on his 132nd birthday the creative Google doodle team incorporated a giant zip down the homepage displayed in April 24, 2012. Commemorating Gideon Sundback’s birthday.



To me, that’s cool!

Not cool because there was a giant zip designed on Google’s homepage, but cool because it ignited interest and curiosity straight away – regardless of what the initial reason was to visit the Google homepage.

Useful or not,

The point is, it sparked surprise, interest and even educated and entertained Google users!

Over the years Google have developed thousands of doodles incorporated into the logo of the most visited home page on the planet! The full archive of all Google Doodles can be found here.

Google Doodles have evolved into exciting digital representations of every type of event, tradition, anniversary or celebration.

It’s not just famous people, innovative thinkers or historic achievements that have made it into the Google Doodle lab!

Today, Google now have a dedicated team of Google Doodlers!

What started as a simple, yet fun and entertaining way to show that the Google team was “out of the office” back in 1998. Has evolved into interactive graphics, animated designs and now also share-able creative Google Doodle creations. Developed to depict some very well known and less well known events and amazing individuals, that’s helped shape the world we live in today.


Who’s Behind The Google Doodles?

Google’s dedicated Google Doodle team of illustrators, graphic designers and artists develop and design the creative Google Doodle’s we see on a regular basis. As you will see from some of the Google Doodle’s listed below, not all doodles are developed by the Google team.

Google welcome new ideas from any Google user, so if you’ve got a creative flair and great idea for the next Google Doodle, send in your thoughts or creative concept!

As you can imagine Google get tonnes of requests, ideas and offers every day and can’t respond to everyone.

That said, if your idea is awesome and you have a creative talent when it comes to design – you could well receive a response! To send in a GREAT Google Doodle idea click here for more details.


The Best of Google Doodle’s 2014 Rewind! 

Here’s a look back at the best of Google Doodles 2014, there’s been some pretty awesome doodling depicting some unique, unknown and very well known individuals and events!

New Years Day January 2014


Google-Doodle Jan 2014


Doodle 4 Google 2014 – Poland Winner January 2014


Doodle 4 Google 2014 - Poland Winner Jan 2014


Annette von Droste-Hülshoff’s 217th Birthday – January 2014


Annette von Droste-Hülshoff's 217th Birthday - Jan 14


The 255th Anniversary of the British Museum – January 2014




Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2014 – January 2014


Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2014 - Jan 14


Gabriele Münter’s 137th Birthday Feb 2014


Gabriele Münter's 137th Birthday Feb 2014


St Davids Day 2014 – March 2014



St Davids Day 2014 - March 14


St Patricks Day – March 2014



St Patricks Day - March 2014


Doodle 4 Google winner – Ireland – March 14


Doodle 4 Google winner - Ireland - March 14


The Peak District becomes Britain’s 1st National Park – April 2014


The Peak District becomes Britain's 1st National Park - April 14


Children’s Day 2014 – Japan – May 2014



Children's Day 2014 - Japan - May 14


Audrey Hepburn’s 85th Birthday – May 2014


Audrey Hepburn's 85th Birthday - May 14


World Cup 2014 #7 – June 2014


World Cup 2014 #7 - June 14


World Cup 2014 #16 – June 2014


World Cup 2014 #16 - June 14


World Cup 2014 #27 – June 2014


World Cup 2014 #27 - June 14


Doodle 4 Google 2014 – Philippines Winner November 14


Doodle 4 Google 2014 - Philippines Winner Nov 14


Saint Andrew’s Day 2014 – November 2014


Saint Andrew's Day 2014 - Nov 14


Holidays 2014 (Day 1) – December 2014



Holidays 2014 (Day 1) - Dec 14


Holidays 2014 (Day 2) – December 2014


Holidays 2014 (Day 2) - Dec 14


Final Thoughts 

Which ever way you see the Google Doodle’s, whether that be interesting art, entertainment, education or simply just design. The entertaining, creative and interactive Doodles have became an engaging and sometimes surprising feature Google have used to portray their personality.

Only Google could get away with changing their logo is so many ways, yet still have the ability to be recognized with now millions of users anticipating and expecting Google Doodles!



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