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The Latest Motorbike Safety Innovations Unveiled at the 2015 London’s Excel Motorbike Show!


Despite the amount of products available on the market, there’s always room for new and intuitive

Yesterday, we took a trip to the very popular, super-bike loaded, gadget galore Motorbike Show held at London’s Excel center.

As much as motorbikes are an all-time labour of love, this was as much a trip of support and education as it was for fun, honest!

2015 is supercharged with cutting edge ultimate sports bikes with the ability to blow away most if not all sooped up petrol heads!

The immense selection of what some of the biggest players in the industry have on the market such as; Harley Davidson, Honda, BMW, Ducati and of course my manufacturer and ultimate motorbike and super-bike king, Kawasaki un-veiled was mind-blowing!

There was a time motorbikes were mostly just boys toys!

Not the case in 2015!

Not been the case for a long time!

The female market within the motorbike industry has exploded over recent years, with many lady bikers just as mean and keen as the males!

Yesterday day we saw testament of that with just as many females on the serious look out for their next super-bike, me included!

Core Heat Moto – Tyre Heating System

Before we move onto taking a look at the latest, cutting edge super-bikes that have already dawned the public arena. Let’s take a look at some of the ingenious, revolutionary motorbike safety innovations that are causing quite a stir throughout the UK, USA and Europe.

The first ingenious invention is seriously set to take the motorbike industry by storm and become an industry standard locally, nationally and internationally.

Already there’s huge interest and intrigue stirring within the UK, Europe and USA from serious motorbike manufacturers. This simplistic innovation looks set to be a strong addition to the motorbike industry, every-day biker, weekend rider and super-bike, track fanatic!

Core Heat Moto Tyre heating system

Core Heat Moto Tyre heating system for Motorbikes. Next Generation Tyre Safety Solution!


This amazing new invention is brought to us by Doncaster based company, Core Heat Moto.

The team at Core Heat Moto have developed the ultimate solution in weather ready tyres that provide an increase in grip, traction and better handling– whatever the weather!

We’ve all been there, motorbike riders within the UK know only too well how harsh and long the cold winter months can be, not to mention the increased time it takes to get your tyres up to temperature!

What Core Heat Moto have provided is solution to this problem,

The team at Core Heat Moto have developed the world’s first in-rim tyre and heating system specifically for motorbikes.

The 2.5mm deep carbon-rich polymer and bespoke carrier system is fitted inside the tyre on the tyres rim.

The unique heating polymer emits a combination of conductive, convective and infrared heat providing the ultimate tyre and wheel heat system heating motorbike tyres before you hit the road and keeping them heated!

How does the Core Heat Tyre Heating System Work?

The Core Heat Moto tyre heating system consists of a carbon enriched polymer called FabRoc which carries and conducts the heat from within the tyre itself.

The tyre heat system is powered by a unique dual purpose air valve and IP67 rated, low voltage DC power connector.

Core Heats power system is also fitted with weatherproof connectors allowing safe usage indoors or out.

By simply connecting the power supply connectors to the tyres air valves, while the motorbike is either on its side or on its stand and allowing 25mins for tyres to become fully heated, your good to go, road ready with heated, gripping tyres – straight away, that stay that way!


Core Heat Moto Key Features

First foremost let’s look at the rider safety elements,

Quite simply, heat means grip!

Better grip, better road handling = increased safety!

Rider safety Features

  • Improved safety and convenience
  • Core Heat Moto carries heat for longer
  • Much better grip in wet and cold conditions
  • Improved breaking and cornering


Additional Features and Benefits

  • Core Heat Moto removes the need for bike wheel covers
  • 100% complete fit and forget tyre safety solution
  • Tyres heated throughout from the inside out
  • Paddock stands not essential

Core Heat Moto Tyre heating system

This really is a revolution in motorbike tyre safety solutions,

The world’s first ever in-rim tyre heating system!

Core Heat Moto have taken the London Excel arena by storm this year, no wonder their next generation innovation has began to cause local, national and international interest, intrigue and demand!

Was great to see the Core Heat Moto team bringing this amazing new product to market, which will be available very soon!


The Visor Kleen Rain Bead System

The next invention that comes up tops in terms of increased safety and cutting edge convenience, is a unique product brought to us by the revolutionary screen cleaning solutions inventor Bill Doherty, of the Mansfield based companies Visor Kleen and Screen Kleen.

You might think a visor clean solution is not exactly new or unique, you’d be right there’s a tonne of visor clean products available.

What there’s not however is a visor clean system that beads the rain!

This revolutionary product literally beads any type of rain that’s comes in contact with the visor.

From slight drizzle and showers to full on torrential downpours. This unique product provides a complete solution repelling and resisting water from the helmets visor, keeping it clean, clear and you in control.

Visor Kleen also provide a neat little pack consisting of 1 x Visor Kleen solution, 1 x Visor Kleen Rain Bead System and a handy Visor Kleen Anti Mist Cream that ensures no matter the weather, condition or elements your visor may face, the road ahead is always clear!

No more rain dragged, fogged up or smeared visors with traffic, dust and smog.


Visor Klean - Cutting Edge Rain Bead System for Motorbike Visors

Visor Klean – Cutting Edge, Revolutionary Rain Bead System for Motorbike Visors



2015 Super-bikes, Classics and Worship Worthy Harleys!

2015 is super-charged with the ultimate super-bikes, sports bikes and Harleys!

It’s not until you ride a motorbike loaded with torque, speed, style and more power than a car could handle do you realize how amazing the mechanics and technology that goes into the engineering of these awesome machines really is!

That said,

There’s nothing compares to the bare bones of classics, that’s when you really see how far modern day progression and technology has came!

Even at that, there’s without a doubt a tranquil peace associated with all time classic’s that’s not controlled by technology. As much as the super-bikes of today are immense and my first choice, when it comes to tinkering, tweaking and repairing – your hands are tied.

Not with a classic!

Therein lies mechanics, that are still mechanics!

What a world, why you’d choose a car over these mean, lean, super-charged machines is beyond me!

Take a quick look at some of the action this weekend courtesy of MCN.



This furious four wheeled wonder would be my ONLY exception!
































In Summary

2015 is a speed loaded, super-charged, super-bike year!
In my opinion, it’s the king of all sport, torque, style and speed; Kawasaki leading the field!

Let’s not forget the worship worthy Harleys. If I could split my time, money and resources among two, it would defiantly be between a black and gold custom Kawasaki Ninja Z1000 and a Harley Davidson Forty-Eight!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these two cutting edge bike safety solutions that both look set for local, national and international success.

Visor Kleen systems are available now and is fast becoming part of every bikers essential kit!
For more details on any of the Visor Kleen products contact Bill Doherty– or call – +44 1623 658 352

The Core Heat Moto tyre heating system will be available to the public market – very soon.
For more details email – or contact Steve Slough – +44 7977 936 572



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