Internet Marketing and Salvador Dali, How Art That Be…?

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In today’s age of internet marketing if you’re not creative, you stand little chance of success!


A great example of creativity in the first degree is one of my all time favorite artist’s, Salvador Dali.

Salvador Dali was a Spanish artist,  who first began his career with charcoal drawings!

Dali is most famous for his iconic pieces of Surrealism art, as well as his unique and very unusual perception on life!

Many people believed he was simply just mad, with his odd personality, eccentric fashion sense and how he behaved in general, was quite different from you or I!

Regardless of  his idiosyncrasies and weird ways (intentional or not), where ever he went he was remembered and not before long his iconic masterpieces were too!

As Salvador Dali grew older he adopted a unique Surrealism style of painting, and also joined the Surrealism society. However, in later years he was asked to leave.

Despite that,

Salvador Dali continued painting in the style of  Surrealism and became one of the most iconic and legendary surrealist artists of all time. Salvador Dali had a gift and an ability to create very unique and unusual pieces of art. As he put it, ‘hand painted dream photographs’.


Salvador Dali

Image Credit: Carl Van Vechten


 Interesting Achievements – Not a Lot of People Know!

  • Salvador Dali created the Chupa Chops logo
  • Salavdor Dali also created the Eurovision Song Contest logo
  • In his lifetime Salvador Dali created over 1500 iconic masterpieces
  • Dali also designed a stunning collection of jewelry in association with Cummins Catherwood, an American millionaire, called The Dali Joies Collection.
  • Salvador Dali also created drawings, illustrations, films, sculptures as well as lithographs and was also an author
  • Salvador Dali was a skilled and talented painter in painting Surrealism which he is most famous for, as well many other styles including; Cubisum, Impressionism and The Style of The Dutch Masters


Dali Brings Surrealism To Life…

One of the most unusual and weird pieces Salvador Dali created was a exquisite piece of jewelry called The Royal Heart, crafted from pure gold and encrusted with 46 Rubies, 42 Diamonds and 2 Emeralds.

Whats strange about this particular piece of jewelry is the ruby heart actually beats, like a real human heart would. This is yet another example of Salvador Dali and surrealism which he brought to life, and encrusted with precious gems!

This piece of jewelry was finally sourced by the Salvador Dali foundation in 1999, and purchased for nearly $7 million dollars!



The King Of Creativity – Not Just A Painter!

My point in comparing the path of Salvador Dali to internet marketing, is his creativity and diversity.

Dali was not just a painter, that’s what he is most famous for, however along his path to becoming one of the greatest artists of all time Salvador Dali was creative in many other ways.

Much like we have to be within the field of internet marketing and SEO.

If we’re not diverse and creative we don’t stand much chance of success.

Even if we have just created the best article, blog or website known to man, it means nothing if we cant attract the attention of our audience.

I’m not saying act or dress like Dali did,

What we can and should do is, take a leaf out of his book and diversify our marketing, and be creative in as many ways as we can.


Famous Dali Masterpieces

Some of my favorite Salvador Dali paintings include; The Persistence of Memory, The Disintegration Of The Persistence of Memory, The Face Of War and The Melting Watch.


Persistence of Memory

the persistence of memory-1931

Image Credit:


The Disintegration Of The Persistence of Memory

the disintegration of the persistence of memory

Image Credit:


The Face Of War

The Face of War

Image Credit:


The Melting Watch


Image Credit:


Final Thoughts…

Regardless of creativity, ambition or intelligence if you cant find a level on all three – becoming successful in the field of internet marketing will be an impossible challenge!

As famously said by Dali,

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings”


Even way back when in the early 1900’s Salvador Dali started with his passion, developed his passion into a skill then got himself out there! Whether that be in the form of writing, drawing, logo designs or commercials.

Dali was creative, but that alone did not make him successful.

What made him successful was he marketed himself and his skills, and made sure where ever he went he was remembered.

Makes you wonder if the eccentric nature and odd behaviors where for exactly that reason!


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