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It’s a changing world we live in, that’s especially the case when it comes to digital marketing and “SEO”.

So often businesses put the cart before the horse when it comes to developing a website or rather – seeking a website to be developed.

Time after time many businesses seek the dreaded service of a “cheap website” albeit looking to gain some sort of web presence, their mind stops there. After their “cheap website” has been developed they all too often then think of SEO.

The term “SEO”, I admit I use it, I brand it and offer it. But do I actually provide SEO?

No, not solely anyway.

What many digital marketers DO provide is a complete digital marketing service. That does entail SEO, of course on page aspects are vital.

Nowadays, to fare any chance of success against the abyss of websites out there, digital marketers or SEO’s (which ever you prefer) need to be creative using digital marketing to amplify a business’s web presence by using many unique and diverse ways. SEO is indeed a necessary component, which is only part of the equation.

What almost verges on insanity is the amount of businesses that approach an SEO agency with their “cheap website” seeking page one presence within the search engines.

“I must, I must have some of that Google dust!”

Whatever their budget, this is usually their only goal.

What happens next is the harsh reality of their “cheap website” being exactly that. Set in stone, limited flexibility and more often than not needs re-designed and re-built from the ground up. For even SEO to be possible, never mind digital marketing efforts beneficial.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results, right?

Yet so many businesses continue to begin this way, with just as many refusing to take advice, convinced they can achieve a dominant web presence with a website that’s essentially closed to any kind of effective SEO and digital marketing.

The spin off usually is “cheap SEO” to go with their “cheap website”.

The results of which, I’m sure doesn’t need documenting. Why “cheap SEO” is carnage is however, detailed very concisely in many places across the web.

Good luck I say!

On Page SEO


Foundations First = Promising Page 1 Positions

Any website development needs SEO integrated alongside the initial design stages, whether this is a CMS based website or not.

Paving the way from that start with clear focus on a websites visibility online, stands for a much more user friendly finish and long term improved user experience.


Are Your Site Functions Killing Your Funk? 

Website functions, plugins, extensions and scripts. A website can quickly become host to a fare ground of functions, which really are they needed?

One of the main contributors to this fad is the WordPress respiratory. As good as this is, it’s a free for all for fast installations of pre-made plugins instantly offering functions in a flash.

“Every action has an equal but opposite reaction.”

Sir Isaac Newton PRS MP

What needs to be considered is, what effect are all the functions on your site having on the overall speed and load time?

Whether this is a WordPress site or not, same applies.

So many websites are seriously loaded with cumbersome functions that to be honest are not at all necessary. Page speed is a huge factor, primarily for user experience.

If your site is lacking in load time, crippled with functions and scripts, you really need to assess what’s necessary and what’s not.

Improving page speed is not only a helpful hand to reduce bounce rate and improve user experience, but also serves well in the eyes of the search engines.


Are You Responsive?

Designing websites that respond to screen resolutions have become a popular choice within web design.

I’m not saying it’s the only choice, it’s certainly the most popular for meeting the needs of the mobile market, alongside a small businesses budget.

Going back to the “cheap website”, quite often responsive web design is completely overlooked.

By not designing with responsive or mobile web design in place, a websites chances of success in terms of attracting visitors using mobile devices and tablets for instance, are greatly reduced.

Look at local SEO for example, with the majority of users being out and about at the very time they are searching for local businesses and services.

By not providing at the very least – a responsive website, a business is essentially closing themselves off to a huge pool of potential customers. Who will quickly find a site they can access clearly and comfortably on a mobile device.


What Language are You Speaking?

Signals are important, that old proverb again…

Content is king!

It sure is, but pretty pointless if the format of a websites content is forgotten.

Making sure your content is search engine friendly is key to solid on page SEO. I stress again, SEO being only one of the stages which consists of many processes, within a successful digital marketing strategy.

As we all know, search engines see things far differently than the user does.

If your content isn’t signalling emphasis and importance, then how will the search engines know what a headline is and what a subheading is?

Just because we can see the difference with enlarged fonts, doesn’t mean the search engines can.

When it comes to any sort of website content, heading tags need to be used to signal that particular heading is either a title or a sub heading for example.

Here’s a useful and short, search engine signals check for on page content;

  1. Make sure your main headings on pages or posts are in <H1></H1> tags
  2. All subheadings are using <H2></H2> tags with a mix of <H3></H3> tags
  3. Naturally incorporate the main keyword for the page or post in the main heading
  4. Same is applicable with the title of the page, naturally integrate the main keyword of the page into the page title or at least the page URL

By making sure the on page content of a website is sending the right signals to the search engines, helps them clearly understand what the page is about.

By sending no signals, the search engines won’t have any clear idea or understand what the page is trying to rank for.

Keep it simple, keep it clear, and know the signals you need to send – starting on page.


Does Your Site Pages Boost With Juice? 

This point is orientated to a websites on-site linking structure.

The reason I want to emphasis this is so often businesses seeking SEO and some of that Google dust are driven by backlinks!

Backlinks are a very valuable asset, quality backlinks that is!

However as valuable as they are, it’s not the only type of links that are valuable.

Again it comes back to – solid foundations stands a site in good stead.

Take a page that’s perhaps not reaching its full ranking potential. One of the most simple yet effective ways to boost a pages rank is internally linking pages that are preforming well (And relevant) to that page.

Another important point to make on this topic is Google rewards pages that are targeted for what they are actually about.

Keep it simple, keep it true!

By boosting a page internally with the help of other topic related pages will help boost that page with internal link juice.

A small but simple change that can work wonders when it comes to internally boosting with juice!


Are Your Eyes Open?

The web is a vast and enormous place with the majority of websites eager to gain pole positions within the search engines and be the site their intended customers, come to first.

Take for example the success of a competitor’s website,

It’s not to be envied,

It’s to be welcomed I say!

They’ve done the hard work, leaving opportunity for replication with diversification! Follow their steps, it’s there for all to see, after all it is the World Wide Web!

The challenge is to be better and stronger than they are.

It’s a simple yet very effective strategy, that’s so easy to implement and see – once you know what you’re looking for that is.

You don’t need any fancy competitor research tools, just the eyes god gave you and the brain in your head!

By looking to see how a competitor has delivered the page layout and design of their site, what titles they have used and where they have used them, what type of content they’ve used, in depth, lengthy or media driven perhaps, and also how many links and what type of links they have to that page, is a complete ranking guide you can emulate!

An important point to make is, do not copy content.

Google can identify copied content quicker than you can ask what an algorithm is, which will indefinitely lead to your website becoming penalized.

The point is, one of the most valuable steps to search engine success is competitor research.

Don’t envy your competitors, welcome them and be glad of the efforts they have made, as it gives you a huge stepping stone to get started in climbing up the search results.

By replicating, improving and tailoring your website’s digital marketing and SEO efforts similar to steps leading competitors within your niche have taken.


Final Thoughts

The success of a website is something that is nurtured into fruition.

It takes time to gain rankings, traffic and conversions.

Think of a new shop for instance, should that new shop be half complete and the staff without uniforms or presented professionally, you’d perhaps have a look around but the chances of buying anything are pretty slim.

Same goes for a website,

The additional thing with websites is, website needs to please, invite and cater for your intended audience and the search engines!

If your site is stuck within the search engines and your left pondering over what to do and more to the point how to do it, get in touch with ServeOnly, Glasgows SEO web design company for a FREE website audit.


Lizzie Thomson
Creating, developing and imagining is the place I love the most! Great websites take more than just great design. A great website, deserves great digital marketing! Web Design and Internet Marketing both parallels that drive the addiction I have for the fascinating world of the web! Digitally crafting concepts into completion and making websites be the best they can be in both performance and design, is my daily drive and commitment!

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