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Recently updated Google Chrome to find the font small, fuzzy, faint or blurry?

You’re not the only one! How To Fix Google Chrome Small Font After Update

Despite rummaging through the chrome settings and adjusting the font size and trouble shooting in every possible way. Your’re still left with a very annoying, faint, small font in Google Chrome!

Admin area’s of websites and anything really that’s viewed in Chrome has ended up completely unreadable!

I ran into this issue recently, and not being blessed with the best eye sight at the moment, this little update seriously swallowed my whole morning! I run quite a lot of chrome extensions, which I love, but they too suddenly displayed a small font, being barely readable for most and dame right impossible for me!


The Cause

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers there is, my personal favorite along with Firefox as my secondary choice.

However, I found through wasting my entire morning on this, the newly released version of Google Chrome, (Version 37 of Chrome for Windows operating systems) has been developed using a new text rendering method known as DirectWrite.

The new release is hardware accelerated and was intended to be far better than the previous one, providing more compatibility.

That’s not the case for all, the why – I cant answer. However I do have a solution for those facing the same issue as I did!

Google Chrome Small Font Fix!

1. Copy the below URL into Google Chrome –


2. Disable DirectWrite by clicking the “Enable” link shown under the highlighted text “Disable DirectWrite”


Google Chrome Small Font


3.  The “Enable” link should now have changed to display “Disable”, as shown below.

How To Fix Google Chrome Small Font

4. Close all Google Chrome browsers and restart Google Chrome.

In Summary

Your Google Chrome small font should now be back to normal and displaying as it should! Hopefully, this little fix has solved the big problem this small update has left many Google Chrome users facing!


Lizzie Thomson
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